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    How the Club Works

    Become a member and every month you will receive an authentic Allmade t-shirt made from organic cotton and recycled water bottles creating a super soft hand. Each month we will print a new design that is fun, thoughtful, and super unique. 

    How is a Shirt Chosen?

    Our team creates new designs every month. We also accept designs from you. E-mail your creation to .If we choose your design you will receive a free shirt. All designs are drawn by the design order number.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    Club membership is only $18 per month with free shipping inside the USA.
    Additional $5 shipping for addresses outside of the USA. If you pay in full you will receive 20% of your yearly subscription.   
    There is no commitment. You can cancel your monthly membership or change your shirt size at any time. We're easy!