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    Screen Print File Requirements

     The requirements are more stringent for screen printing than other services we offer. The quality of the artwork you provide will directly affect the quality of the print on the t-shirts you receive.

    File Types / Requirements

    You should always provide artwork at the size you want it printed. (Sample 12"x13" cropped.) If you are unsure, please provide a basic visual mock up of the art on a garment so that we can choose an approximate size for you. Below are file formats we accept in order of preference, as well as what we do not accept:

    Vector Art

    Adobe Illustrator Icon

    Illustrator files (.ai) • Vector-based (.pdf) or (.eps) files •  Fonts must be outlined

     Raster Art

    Adobe Photoshop Icon

    Photoshop files (.psd) • Common image files (.jpeg, .tiff, .png) must be at least print size and have a resolution of 300 DPI, fonts must be rasterized.

    Files Not Accepted

    Microsoft Office Files (Word, Paint, etc.)