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Company Merch

Slant Merch understands the importance of your brand and logo. We offer easy online ordering for your employees or to just the outside consumer. With our in-house designers, Slant Merch will build a platform that is user friendly and represents your products with the highest quality. Viewing and placing orders is as easy as a click of the button.
Slant Merch embellishes on demand, so with little to no inventory
we can keep cost low.
When you’re ready for a company webstore or product store, think of Slant Merch.
We offer e-commerce services for businesses, schools and organizations that need a reliable and secure solution to meet their internal fulfillment and distribution needs.

Slant Merch is here to help you grow your business! We know that every company has a unique story and a unique brand, and we want to help you tell yours.


With our easy online ordering system, Slant Merch helps businesses of all sizes create a customizable website or physical storefront that reflects the personality of their brand. And we’re not just talking about a website that looks good or even one that works well—we’re talking about one that represents the soul of your company with style, elegance, and professionalism.


We offer e-commerce services for businesses, schools, and organizations that need a reliable and secure solution to meet their internal fulfillment and distribution needs. When you’re ready for a company website or product store, think of Slant Merch!

Company Merch

If you’re a business owner, you know that employee morale and customer satisfaction are one of the most important things for success in the long run. When your employees and customers are happy, they are more likely to do their best work and be loyal to your brand. That’s why it’s so important to invest in custom company merchandise from Slant Merch! We carry a wide range of company merch products for all your promotional needs!

User-friendly Platform that Represents your Company’s Products

Slant Merch uses state-of-the-art screen-printing and embroidery equipment where our online design tool provides thousands of templates and design ideas. Our graphic designers work with you to create unique corporate merch designs such as custom tees, mugs, and other campaign items for print media, or digital, online and social platforms that represent your company and products! You can also show our Adobe Photoshop t-shirt templates to our community of designers as reference for your mock-up file and get it done instantly!

Professional corporate gifts

Giving away branded merchandise to your customers is one of the best ways to generate new business and loyalty. According to the British Promotional Association, a survey concluded that more than 70% of customers are willing to purchase a product from a brand after they’ve received a gift.

If your business isn’t already taking advantage of these figures, you need to. Handing out company gift boxes to customers makes them feel valued and appreciated, and is likely to win you many more loyal customers.

Custom Merchandise Designs

Your brand is what people remember, and it’s what they think of when they’re looking for a provider. You want to make it unforgettable, so it’s important to have a strong branding strategy in place. You can’t just hand out business cards and call it a day—you need to create an image that will resonate with potential customers and make them remember you before they even meet you.

Would you take a business card from a company you’re not interested in? We guess not. On the other hand, if the same company offered you a free custom shirt, pens, lovely mugs, or any other amazing custom products, would you accept it? Of course, you would! When you accept any of these items, you’ll get to see info about the same company just like it is printed on business cards.

Company merchandise is an opportunity for customers to experience the story and ethos of your brand, and Slant Merch is a platform that truly understands its importance. Check out our custom merch options here!

Find a Fit for Everyone

You want your brand to be seen by as many people as possible, so we’ve got you covered. We offer custom T-shirt printing in a range of fits and sizes, so everyone can wear your brand or message. Slant Merch come with a wide variety of product catalogs for your company merch needs! 

Stronger company culture

We believe that the best way to create a positive, productive environment is by making sure everyone at your company feels like they belong. Custom workwear is excellent in team building, and corporate apparel does just that by building brand authority. Working in an environment with a strong sense of community and unity is proven to boost productivity, improve employee retention rates and prevent burnout—it’s no wonder why so many companies are turning to corporate merch as their go-to for employee morale boosters!

Greater brand awareness

When you purchase bulk custom merchandise from Slant Merch, you’ll be able to provide your staff and consumers with items that are unique and meaningful to them—items that will help them represent your company at events or in social media posts.

Your employees will wear company t-shirts or other items with custom designs around town and on campus, which will help them spread the word about your organization. Plus, when customers wear branded merch, they advertise and create awareness for your brand. This is an excellent way for businesses to build relationships with customers who are already familiar with their products or amazing service offerings!

Better sales

Custom company merch can help in increasing sales in your business by acting as lead generators. They provide better results than business cards, although both of them function in the same way. Unlike business cards, customers see promotional products every day because they don’t forget about it, use or wear it, or put it in a drawer for good. Custom company shirts, for example, are used as referral incentives.

Through effective calls to action, they deepen the sales conversation after leading customers to landing pages. Directly engage with your campaign in real time and attract more than just your target audience and enhance your company’s reach through your awesome customer service and on demand products! 

E-Commerce Services for Businesses, Schools, and Organizations

It’s never been easier to start an online store. With Slant Merch’s ecommerce platform, you can set up your store in just a few hours and get started selling! You only pay for use of our cool platform, domain hosting, and any digital advertising campaigns you’d like to run. 

No setup fees, no design fees, and all the logistics handled for you. We’ll even handle all the printing, labeling, packing and bulk or individual shipping for you while you get paid. Try it today!

Large volume printing

Slant Merch is a large-volume printing company that offers no minimums, no limitations on bulk orders (we even give bulk order discounts!), and multi-step quality control. Aside from company merch being a cost effective for of advertising for your company, Slant Merch offers free shipping even on rush orders and competitive pricing for our products!


We’re not your typical print shop—we do what we do because it’s important to us, and we think you’ll love our results. Slant Merch doesn’t just print; we make sure every project is done right from start to finish!

Reach out & say hello!

Reach Out & Say Hello!

At Slant Merch, we print top-notch custom corporate merch designed by local, creative artists who care! Hundreds of businesses, schools, and organizations in Maryland, big and small, have already made Slant Merch their #1 choice for worry-free screen-printing, promo products, creative services and more!

Start selling your brand’s merchandise! Get in touch with our sales team here at Slant Merch.

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